Eucalyptus Cloud 5 beta 1 has been released, this release provides early access for trying out new functionality on non-production deployments.

We are exited to make 5.0 available as a preview to a wider audience to get feedback on new features in advance of the final release of Eucalyptus Cloud 5.

New in Eucalyptus 5

Some new features in Eucalyptus 5 are:

  • Auto Scaling instance protection
  • CloudFormation support for YAML templates
  • EC2 iam instance profile association
  • EC2 long resource identifiers
  • S3 bucket policy support
  • SQS service technical preview

Other notable changes in Eucalyptus 5 are:

  • Cluster controller now part of main cloud service
  • Java runtime updated to version 11
  • Reporting service removed

Full details of changes in Eucalyptus 5 are available in the Corymbia github project

Try Eucalyptus 5

You can try Eucalyptus 5 with a FastStart install by running:

> bash <(curl -Ls

as root, on a CentOS 7.6 minimal install with a few IP addresses to spare.

Miss Eucalyptus 4.4.x?

Eucalyptus 5 look a little different from 4.4.x due to changes with instance types and long identifiers. If you want to try Eucalyptus 5 but with a 4.4.x feel, you can make changes as follows.

To disable EC2 long identifiers, run the following as an administrator:

> euctl cloud.short_identifier_prefixes='*'

changing this setting will cause any new resources to be created with short identifiers (where supported). You can have a mix of short and long identifiers depending on settings when those resources were created.

To change instance types to be the same as 4.4.x, run the following as an administrator:

> euform-create-stack \
  --template-file /usr/share/eucalyptus/doc/ec2-instance-types-eucalyptus-4.yaml \
> euctl cloud.vmtypes.default_type_name=m1.medium
> euctl services.imaging.worker.instance_type=m1.medium
> euctl services.loadbalancing.worker.instance_type=m1.medium

this will enable 4.4.x instance types and disable the default Eucalyptus 5 instance types. The default instance type and the types used for services are updated accordingly.


Thanks for giving Eucalyptus 5 a try and please use github issues to report any problems you encounter to help improve the final release of Eucalyptus 5.