A new Ansible based FastStart install for single host Eucalyptus clouds is now available for early access to Eucalyptus 5 pre-releases.

A FastStart deployment requires a CentOS 7.5-7.7 host with 16G memory and 100G disk as the recommended host minimums. Ansible FastStart installs Eucalyptus with Walrus object storage, overlay block storage, and vpcmido network mode. The deployment is from Eucalyptus 5 nightly builds, so will always have the latest pre-release functionality.

FastStart install

To install Eucalyptus 5 using the Ansible FastStart run (as root):

> bash <(curl -Ls https://go.euca.me/5eav)

The interactive installer will check system prerequisites and prompt for the one required configuration item, the VPC public IP address CIDR. Currently the installer requires between a /24 (~256 addresses) and a /28 (~16 addresses) block, for example:

  • for addresses -
  • for addresses -
  • for addresses -
  • for addresses -
  • for addresses -

If the target hosts IP was then the CIDR used could be

These addresses should not currently be in use, they will be used by instances in the deployment.

Post install

Once the installation completes a few configuration items are listed as next steps. You could install machine images (ami/emi) using the new wrapper script:

> eucalyptus-images

or get started with the management console by configuring the administrator login:

> euare-useraddloginprofile --as-account eucalyptus -u admin -p PASSWORD

The installer also sets up the AWS CLI for use with Eucalyptus:

> aws s3 ls
2020-03-07 00:46:33 eucalyptus-service-image-v5.0.100
> aws ec2 describe-availability-zones
AVAILABILITYZONES	cloud-1	available	cloud-1a
> aws ec2 describe-account-attributes
ACCOUNTATTRIBUTES	supported-platforms
ATTRIBUTEVALUES	vpc-6b1e517c04915806c

You might want to review the Eucalyptus 5 beta 1 announcement for more details on the release.


Please report any issues you find with the installer or Eucalyptus 5 to help improve the final release.